This is role playing site for MARVEL's AVengers about 3 years after the setting of the film.
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 Alainah Lokisdottir

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PostSubject: Alainah Lokisdottir    Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:58 am

Name: Alainah Lokisdottir

Codename: Trickstress

Species: Aesir/Frost Giant

Orientation: (Hero/Antihero/Villain) Antihero

Alliance: (Team with any characters) Avengers

Appearance: MIdlenth wavy raven black hair, olive skin, bright green eyes, slender frame, pronounced bone structure

Battle Wear: Dark green long sleeved shirt, gold armour waistcoat, gold bracers, black leather leggings, black biker boots, Bronze helmet like Lokis but with more like enlarged goats horns, dark green cape that comes and goes

Casual Wear: (can just be a vague style if you wish) Green long sleeved shirt, black jeans, black leather bomber jacket, black knee high boots

History: Daughter of Loki and an Asgardian scholar. She was hidden from Loki through her childhood and was trained by the best to become Asgard's second femal warrior. When Loki returned from Midgard, Alainah drifted into a deep depression. Odin sent her to Midgard to 'repair relations' with the other realm but also to repair herself. She lives with Tony in Stark tower.

Powers/Special skills: Magic, Jotun Powers

Strengths: Years of warrior training, 'silvertongue' and never give in attitude

Weaknesses: (must have at least 2) Pride and fear of failure
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Alainah Lokisdottir
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