This is role playing site for MARVEL's AVengers about 3 years after the setting of the film.
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  Kuro Makoto

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PostSubject: Kuro Makoto   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:09 am

Name: Kuro Makoto

Codename: "Tiger"

Species: Anthromorphic Tiger

Orientation: Hero

Alliance: SHIELD

Appearance: Having to be a victim of a family curse, Kuro has the form of an anthromorphic Tiger, with fur color the same as a tiger and his eye color being dark orange (With the cat pupil). He is muscular, standing at 6'8, with his origonal clothing being a dark robe that covers his face in a hood and the rest being the dark black robes as though of a monk.

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Casual wear: A dark chinese robe.

Battle wear: The same robe but covered with silver armor.

Powers/Abilities: Due to his families curse in being a anthromorphic tiger, his strength has more times the strength of a human, sharper and more deathly claws than a Tiger and attacking speed as though of a cheetah and snake.
But if he is killed in a dark and evil way, he will be resurrected as a nine foot tiger in which he is just as strong as the Hulk but has the will to think and speak. With himself to remain like he is for the rest of his days until that evil who killed him is destroyed, he only then will return to normal (Alive in the matter.)

History: Born into the peaceful lands of China, Kuro lived with his royal family in the deepest roots of their culture and way of life. While his parents were off working as nobles, Kuro was off learning and training through nearly all of the styles of kung fu, learning their meaning and the way it worked as his mentors taught him what he needed to know while keeping an inner peace inside him. When he was complete with his training at the age of 20, Kuro never knew the curse of his family (The part that gives him his power.), as he changed forms of his form, Kuro searched for a way to stop the way he had became. After searching for someone in nearly 2 years, Kuro found a vooddo practician. Through all the practices and antidotes, The vooddoo practician only fixed his way to where he could have control of turning into his form. Throughout all the years of living a nobleman, Kuro decided that living in the vallies of China was not good for him. Hince then, Kuro has left his way of life and took a trip to America.

But the plane he took ended up as a scam to him as the plane dropped him off on the Heli-carrier. "Oh well." he says to himeslf. Days later, he ended up as one of the agents of SHIELD.

Strengths: Gymnastics, fighting, flexable and is a pretty well made singer.

Weakness: People who have superpowers and others who are evenly matched as he is.

Relationship: None.
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PostSubject: Accepted   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:54 am

Better accept on here to just keep track of everything. Thanks mate!
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Kuro Makoto
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