This is role playing site for MARVEL's AVengers about 3 years after the setting of the film.
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 OC :Sev Lasky

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PostSubject: OC :Sev Lasky    Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:03 am

Name: Sev Lasky

Codename: Soldier

Species: Human

Orientation: Hero

Alliance: SHIELD

Appearance: (Standing at 6'5, muscular, blue eyes.)

Battle Wear:

Casual Wear:

History:Once was a highly respected cadet in the Reserved Officer Training Corps without a family. Lasky has been taken out of normal society because of his history in the government, trained to fight in a time of war and of hard excersize simulations that made him hurt down to the bone. He only customized his weapons and armor to where he fit himself in the Special Operations area in the government. When The captain of the Avengers Hellcarrier turned from the world, he and the army of others were used to track avengers down throughout the globe. Seeing that this operation was dumb, Lasky turned his back on the government and soon left out into the city. Lasky though, still searched for the Avengers, not out of orders but of mystery.

Powers/Special skills: None

Strengths: Weapons, tactical stuff, being military.

Weaknesses: Enemies with superpowers and military ground.

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PostSubject: Re: OC :Sev Lasky    Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:04 am

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OC :Sev Lasky
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